David chowder

David Crowder – All Around Me

I love it when a song leave me in rapt suspense as to when/if it will ever explode into a fiery ball of drums, guitars and sheer power. Simply astounding…


Fine New Post. On… Teenage Dream!

I’ve been thinking (amongst other things) lately about the defining characteristics of an intensely catchy song like Teenage Dream. I don’t care if you hate Katy Perry, if you despise her outfits, if you think she ugly, whatever. That song is catchy.

Ok here’s my musical perspective:
– In the verse, simple guitar voicing that has maybe two or three notes per hit as opposed to entire chords being strummed (Kelly Clarkson employs this a lot)
– Really nice flipping between head and chest voice gives her power when she wants it and soft dynamics on top
– Chord stabs in the chorus! I LOVE LOVE LOVE chord stabs, it’s hard to use it without sounding trancey though, hence the difficulty of creating a catchy song. I think it works because it’s syncopated.
– If you listen to the verse + chorus, the singing only varies between 5 notes (Bb, G, C D F). Contributes to singability and so the hook is simple yet compelling.

Pretty amazing stuff. I can’t speak for the lyrics because as previously mentioned, I don’t listen to words. The music communicates to me independent of what the writer wants – in fact I think the only words in the song I know apart from “Teenage Dream” is “skin tight jeans” haha. Ok bye!

Lots of changes, but none will be in this post.

I break my silence to give yall this gem:

There’s this late20’s woman that I’ve been working with on and off since I was an intern back in ’05.. and every time I come back she has gained like 10 lbs. So imagine it from my perspective, seeing her when we first met at X lbs, and now she’s X+40 or X+50!!!

The crazy part is in office life, it’s so gradual over the years that I bet we don’t even notice when we gain weight… scary.

The dichotomy of word and sound.

Aaaand I’m back.. for now. I felt bad for a while about not posting and losing readership, pissing off friends, etc. etc. but then I got over it. Once you fall off the train, only the first few moments do you panic – after that, the train is so far away from you that you give up entirely.

One thing I’ve been thinking about recently is how I’m a very music-oriented person, even IN the topic of music itself. I feel like the only things that speak to me are the backgrounds, melodies, and the aural landscape of the song. People tell me all the time that lyrics totally make the song, and that they dont listen to certain artists because their lyrics “suck” or are “stupid”. I’m realizing more and more that I don’t even listen to what the singer is saying.

This often turns into awkward conversations with people, when I say things like “I love Kiss Me Thru The Phone!!” … and the friend stares at me and judges me silently with their eyes. It’s catchy okay?! Geez. I don’t listen to the lyrics so I have no idea how retarded Soulja Boy is, just how much his pro-du-cer rocks.

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The Longing.

Man, listening to my old stuff makes me want to start song-writing and recording again. Too bad its a major pain in the butt and a hundred-hour-long process. gah

Haters gotta hate.

It seems like everyone and their moms has an opinion on nutrition, and cares to share it with me when they hear about my strict, essentially-no-carb lifestyle. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard “But you need carbs to survive!” or “Okay… you may be losing fat, but you’re damaging your heart or circulatory system!” Think your criticism is original?Prove it. Show me some research study, some shred of evidence – anything that doesn’t come from TV or some infomercial seen at 3am – that corrobates to the slightest your story.

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It seems that the more people I talk to, the more I see that miscommunication is such a prevalent issue. I firmly believe that clarity would solve a good majority of problems.